Vorotynsk Quinney: He waited as Melanie settled her sopping wet cunt over his face.

I originally though about putting the subject as not your everyday homicidal maniac, but though that was too much craziness right off the bat. Needless to say, I have an odd sense of humor and am looking for someone that isn't terrified of me about five minutes after they meet me. So, I assume you want to know about me, so here are 10 random facts about me why 10? because it's an arbituary number but is powerful, of so George Carlin says. 1. Despite the fact that I cannot spell, I'm actually pretty smart, not in a show off way, but in a I know the difference between the West Bank and the Gaza Strip and can find them on a map smart. 2. I love to play sports, even though I'm horrible at some. Seriously, I play my friend in tennis, only I have a softball bat because I can't figure out how to hit the stupid ball right with the racket. 3. I have no problem not fitting into the mold of what 20 something American women should look, sound like, and be. 4. I actually watch sports. It is all about the SF Giants WAHOO! and the 49ers tries not to cry, and used to watch hockey, but for some reason just don't anymore. 5. Despite the fact that I can bore you to death with random historical facts, sports trivia, and am pretty much a jukebox with various genres of music, my memory sucks. 6. I don't actually live in Fresno at the moment please don't flag me!, but am moving back after having been away for a while. 7. I love to travel, despite the fact I haven't been very many places. 8. I want to spend time living in places like London, San Francisco, Toronto, Paris. 9. My memory sucks. 10. I kinda regret making this think 10 long because it took me a while to come up with what I have. So, anyway, thats me. If your interested, bored, or just wondering WTH, email me. Ask me something. And I might just reply

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